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Image of Bugvita Original Barbeque Crickets in a 20g recyclable pouch. The crickets are sustainably farmed in the UK and coated in an award-winning blackstrap molasses BBQ sauce, providing a complex flavor profile of smoky, tangy, fruity, and sweet notes. The product highlights its eco-friendliness, high protein content, and the ability to meet 100% of daily Vitamin B12 requirement, promoting a future-oriented and sustainable approach to food

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Image of a vibrant pink-red frozen berries smoothie, made with Bugvita's Pure Cricket Powder. The smoothie illustrates the versatile use of the cricket powder, which is a high-protein, fiber-rich superfood farmed in the UK. The powder, with its mild and nutty flavour, blends seamlessly into the smoothie, showcasing its potential for enhancing the nutritional content of various foods and beverages like baking, smoothies, and shakes
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Boldly step into the future of food with Bugvita. Enjoy nutrition and sustainability in our delicious range of edible insect products.

All our crickets are farmed right here in the UK and nurtured

on a high quality, locally sourced diet. At Bugvita, we are

committed to producing crickets of the highest standards

and we offer complete transparency in every aspect of

our process. From the very instant a cricket hatches right

through to the dedicated hands that harvest it, we track

each moment.

Our crickets provide all the essential

amino acids you need with a minimal

environmental footprint. Converting feed

into protein far more effectively than conventional livestock,

whilst producing fewer greenhouse gases, consuming less water, and requiring minimal space.

We call our crickets a 'Six Legged Superfood' for good reason - and it's not just because they are packed with protein. They are also a great source of B12, iron, and calcium. Their 3:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids is perfect for fighting inflammation and maintaining a healthy balance. What's more, their unique fibre, chitin, is a prebiotic powerhouse not found in plant-based or traditional meat diets.

Explore our range of cricket-based ingredients and snacks, designed to tantalise your taste buds while providing a nourishing, sustainable alternative to traditional options. We hope to show you that edible insects are not a gimmick but that they can form part of the future of food - a future that's delicious, nutritious, and sustainable.

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Image of an Acheta Domesticus, or house cricket, perched gently on a human finger. The close-up detail highlights the distinctive features of the cricket, providing a clear view of this insect that is key to Bugvita's sustainable protein products.

At Bugvita we think that it is important to know where our food comes from.


That's why we're thrilled to share with you the fascinating journey of our Acheta domesticus crickets. From their humble beginnings as a nymph, weighing less than 100th of a gram, to their transformation into our high-protein, sustainable Bugvita products - we're committed to creating food that's good for you and good for our planet. Ready to see how we're pioneering the future of food?

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Do you have queries about our edible insect range, or are you simply eager to discuss the amazing world of crickets? We're here and excited to chat! Please send us a message - we can't wait to connect with you.

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