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Introducing Bugvita's new Teriyaki Crickets - an irresistibly savory and sustainable snack! Our 20g pack of perfectly roasted, UK farmed crickets is seasoned with teriyaki flavor, inspired by the classic Japanese sauce. Ready to elevate your snacking experience? Give Bugvita's Teriyaki Crickets a try. Crack open the recyclable pouch and savor the mouthwatering crunch, protein-rich crickets with their scrumptious teriyaki flavor. Whether you're on-the-go, at the office, or in need of a guilt-free snack, Bugvita's Teriyaki Crickets have got you covered. So go ahead and relish this appetising snack, knowing you're making a sustainable choice for both your health and the planet.

Key Features

  • Delicious teriyaki flavor: Savor the perfect harmony of sweet, savory, and mildly tangy flavors, inspired by the classic Japanese sauce.
  • High-quality UK farmed crickets: Ethically farmed crickets to create a tasty and nutritious snack.
  • Protein-packed: Our Teriyaki Crickets are an excellent source of high-quality protein, with all the essential amino acids your body needs.
  • Recyclable packaging: Our easy-to-open pouch is made from recyclable materials, reducing waste and demonstrating our commitment to a healthier planet.
  • Sustainable choice: As an eco-friendly alternative to traditional livestock, crickets require less water, land, and feed, making them a more sustainable protein source.

Teriyaki Crickets | 20g

£4.99 Regular Price
£3.99Sale Price
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