The Idea
  • In 2014 Adam Banks moved to Mexico for work. Insects are an important part of Mexican cuisine and after tasting his first taco stuffed with escamoles he was hooked!

  • Then, in 2018, Adam was awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship to investigate how insects were being farmed for food around the world and to see what opportunities might exist to rear insects for food in the UK.

The Farm
  • Adam launched Instar Farming, one of the first food grade insect farms in the UK. 

  • After lots of trial and error - experimenting with different feeds, adjusting the temperature, tweaking the humidity - success! A method was developed to rear large numbers of healthy crickets.

  • The farm now houses over two million crickets and is growing from month to month.

Box of crickets.jpg
The Kitchen
  • Farming crickets is one thing, turning them into tasty and nutritious food is another.

  • Bugvita does just that. Using specially developed techniques, crickets are cleaned, sterilised, dried and milled into a fine powder.

  • Since developing our cricket powder, we have conducted a series of blind taste tests against other cricket powders from around the world. The results: Bugvita Pure Cricket Powder is the tastiest cricket powder on the planet!

In kitchen with vacuum packed cricket po