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Bugvita Cricket Powder only contains crickets farmed in the UK. Our superfood crickets are fed a locally sourced diet which is 100% traceable and vegetable based. Cricket protein provides all 18 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids, in a highly digestible form. Producing crickets uses less feed, water and land than beef, pork or chicken. We believe that our crickets are the most sustainable source of complete protein on the planet!

  • 70% sustainable protein - contains all 18 amino acids, in a highly digestible form.
  • Fully recyclable, resealable packaging.
  • 100% adult's recommended daily allowance of vitamin B12 in just 12g! PLUS Supports gut health - high in pre-biotic fibre.
  • Tastes mild and nutty - use it in smoothies, bake with it or just sprinkle over meals as a seasoning.
  • The only cricket powder made with crickets farmed in the UK.

1kg Cricket Powder / Flour

SKU: 5060784180027
100 Grams
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